Florida Thoroughbred Region Name Tags and Apparel

FTR Name Tags


Name tag ordering instructions

1. Email:  art.customapparel@gmail.com
2. Identify that you are ordering a Florida Thoroughbred Region Porsche Club of America name tag.
3. Spell out your name EXACTLY as you wish it to appear on your name tag.
4. Include your mailing address.
5. For payment method please call Custom Apparel at 352-750-1600 and ask for Tammy, Robin, or Shawn.
6. COST: $6.42 each (including tax) PLUS $3.00 for shipping
Should you have any questions concerning your name tag order, please email hodgebill1966@gmail.com


Name:  Custom Apparel, 3451 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages, FL 32162 Phone:352-750-1600

Florida Thoroughbred PCA Custom Apparel

Sample selection of FTR embroidered polo style shirts, tee shirts, visors and hats.

Custom Apparel order form instructions

1. Print form below
2. Choose item
3. Indicate size and quantity
4. Choose the FTR logo color to match your apparel
             Traditional logo(red and gray lettering with blue car)
             B/W logo(white and gray lettering with black car)
             All White logo
             All Red logo
             All Black logo
5. Provide your contact information(name, address, e-mail, and phone number)
6. Send form and check(don’t forget to include 7% sales tax and $9.00 if you want it delivered) to:
              Custom Apparel
              3451 Wedgewood Land
              The Villages, Fl 32162
If you have something of your own that you would like to have embroidered with the FTR logo @$12.99 plus tax or have questions about ordering please call (352)-750-1600 or e-mail Robin and Shawn at villagesapparel@yahoo.com